MMP RB380 SPL - Rb25 - Rb20 Bolt on Turbo

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Model : Nissan RB Engine Bolt on 380hp 

Configuration : Suitable for Rb20DET + Rb25DET 

Details :  This is our bolt on unit designed to work with near OEM engines all the way to 400hp monsters.
We have maxed out the oem housing's and created a perfectly balanced turbo that will not break the bank.
Boost response on an RB25 is nearly the same as OEM, while creating an additional torque. This is important to note as the OEM unit add's very little, and other comparable units on the market can feel very linear.
Max boost would vary but 20psi/22psi will probably see the housing's maxed.

Depending on setup your power figure should range between 320-380hp rwhp.

Note : This unit is not an exchange item, all housings etc are brand new, this is not a high flow service
When selecting your unit please consider : 

Line kit Includes : Gaskets, MMP Original Internal Wastegate and complete line kit.

No Line kit includes : Internal Wastegate is included but no hardware or gaskets