Legacy Forged Wheel LF-32

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All custom builds wheels start at $750 per wheel! 

Legacy Forged Wheels is a custom forged wheel company which designs and makes Wheel for your automobile. Focused on style, strength, and fitment to bring your automobile to the next level. Founded and operated by a fellow custom car enthusiast, we take pride in making your build look right and the customer being pleased. 

Our wheels are custom made and we use Forged (T-6016) to forge the aluminum into a quality single, or multipiece wheel. Our lips are also forged aluminum lips. Our forged wheels are lightweight and durable for driving, racing or just for shows. 

Our pricing for single or multipiece ( 2 pieces welded and 3 pieces) wheels depends on sizing, width, lip style, face profile (concavity) and powder coating to face, lips and hardware. We can make and build wheels from 16” up to 28” and as wide as 8” up to 14.5”. 

16” (2 pieces welded) start at $3000 a set
17” (3 pieces) start at $3300 a set
18” (3 pieces)  start at $3600 a set
19” (3 pieces)  start at $3900 a set
20” (3 pieces)   start at $4100 a set
21” (3 pieces)  start at $4400 a set
22” (3 pieces)   start at $4800 a set

2 pieces welded is available for all sizes and is $200 less per set. 

Powdercoating is $400 for faces and lips
Powdercoating for hardware is $200 for a complete set. 

Concave price ranges from $400 up to $1100 for a set of faces. It depends on how deep the customer wants the concave. 

Shipping is $150 anywhere in the USA. 4 to 5 business days for wheels to arrive.

Lip style: The customer chooses a flat lip or step in high polish. Chrome step lip is $250 extra and chrome flat lip is $200 extra. 

Plating ( chroming) $800 to $1200 per set. Price varies due to color for face and lips

Wheels take basically 10 to 11 weeks to make and build. They are truly custom made and the first week is blueprinting ( shows you actually lip size, face profile and actual width of the wheel) then after that it’s programming and then cutting, etc..

Please call us to talk about your build and specs!
Please call us at +1 (732)-329-7511 company number or email us at info@fittedvisions.com