Koyo Upgraded Racing Radiator - Skyline R32,33,34

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Koyo's "R" Series aluminum radiators feature a 53mm (2 1/16 in) thick, all aluminum core brazed to polished aluminum end tanks for a show quality finish. Koyo uses state of the art Nocolok Brazing Furnace to bond all of the radiator brackets, headers, tubes, and fins, creating high quality "indestructible" radiator. All aluminum end tanks are hand crafted using the latest Heliarc Soldering technique for the most reliable connections, then polished to a mirror finish. Over 60 applications are available for Koyo "Racing" series. All Koyo Racing series radiators have "OE Specification" mounting location for stock mounting without major modifications; however Koyo recommends using aftermarket electric fans for the best results.

  • Fully polished to a mirror finish
  • Provide 20% to 30% more cooling than standard radiators
  • Handles high revving, high-performance motors
  • Perfect for Turbo Charged, Supercharged & Nitros Oxide engines
  • Made from aircraft quality aluminum
  • Heli-arc welded, cores are NOCOLOK-brazed
  • Custom built OEM fit