Koyo Radiator - Nissan Skyline "Hakosuka" 68-72 Part Number: KOYO-HH023610

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NOTE: This radiator has been retrofitted with a modern style filler neck. The OEM radiator cap is not compatible. Koyorad SK-C13 or equivalent style cap is required (not included). For 1968-1972 Nissan Skyline w/ L20 I6 MT (KGC10 Chassis). KPGC10 chassis w/ S20 engine will require modifications.

Koyorad is proud to introduce an all-aluminum performance radiator for the 1968-1972 Nissan Skyline "Hakosuka" KGC10 w/ L20 engine. This all new application is hand welded and fully braised with over 40% increase in core thickness over the OEM radiator. The high density Koyorad Hyper core boosts the cooling system's heat capacity and endurance; a perfect upgrade for spirited street driving or track use. The Skyline's original radiator mounting provisions are retained along with the ability to use the OEM fan shroud and coolant hoses, requiring no modifications to install. Koyorad's advanced engineering and design methods, impeccable TIG welds, proficiency in furnace brazing, and triple pressure testing for quality has earned their excellent reputation in performance cooling worldwide.