Chevy C/K Silverado 1500 RWD 1999-2006 Air Ride Brackets

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Universal Air Suspension Proudly offers its Weld-in Bag & Bracket Kit for the 1999-2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 RWD.

Welding Rear Brackets.

Optional Weld-in front shock relocators.

This kit is designed for an experienced fabricator/installer.

DJM RK2000 recommended.

(Rear mounts are welded over AXEL)

Front Air House 2 Bags 2" - 8.5"

Rear Double Play Bags 3" - 11"
  • Air House 2 Front
  • Front Bag Brackets
  • Double Play Rear
  • Optional Rear Notch will be a weld-in application
  • Optional Shock Relocators will be a weld-in application
  • Weld-in Rear Bag Brackets
  • Designed for Experienced Fabricators/Installers