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INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW 3S, a standalone, customizable air management system. 3S is the optimal entry-level air management system for everything from tuner cars to hot rods. You the builder can get low, on YOUR terms, by rolling with the FREE APP FOR ANDROID OR IOS. This Airlift Performance 27720 unit you are viewing is the APP ONLY with the 3/8th Valve Block version. Just download your Android or Apple app and your good to go! (NOTE THIS UNIT DOES NOT ACCEPT HAND CONTROLLER)



A new day is dawning in air suspension management introduced by none other than AIRLIFT PERFORMANCE!


The Airlift Performance 3S is a standalone, customizable air management system that is built on the same foundation and tested with the same rigor as our premium 3H and 3P systems.

Designed at the intersection of on-point pricing, quality, and customization, 3S is the optimal entry-level air management system for everything from tuner cars to hot rods. You the builder can

get low, on YOUR terms, by rolling with the FREE APP ANDROID / APPLEfor customizing 3S with YOUR choice of compatible controller.

  • Manually inflate or deflate up to 4 individual air springs (no pressure sensors so no automatic control)
  • Available in ¼” PTC and 3/8” PTC manifold versions
  • Works with pressures up to 200psi
  • Same manifold size\footprint as 3H/3P
  • Valve control and Bluetooth integrated into the manifold
  • 1/8” NPT ports on the rear of a manifold to support 5 pressure sensors (FL, FR, RL, RR, Tank) for pressure monitoring
  • Four harness versions available: App Only (3 wire install), Manual Switch box (11 wire install), ALP3 Display for 3S (3 wire + USB connector), APV2 Display for 3S (3 wire + JST connector)
  • All versions work with the free iOS and Android App for 3S
  • The free App supports configuring 3 times based presets which can be used to inflate or deflate multiple air springs with a double tap
  • The ALP3 display for 3S can be used to activate the time based presets that are configured using the App
  • Two configurable buttons on the App and the ALP3 display for 3S
  • The ALP3 display for 3S can be software updated to a 3H display if a customer wants to upgrade to a 3H system.
  • Switch box harness version can be used with any aftermarket switch box such as AVS that provides 12V to the 3S manifold valve input wires when activated
  • In conjunction with the switch box harness version, the 3S can be used with other 4 corner aftermarket air suspension controllers that use 12V activation on the standard eight trigger wires (FL Inflate, FL Deflate, FR Inflate, FR Deflate, RL Inflate, RL Deflate, RR Inflate, RR Deflate)
  • The manifold supports wake-on-Bluetooth which allows customers to operate the system while the ignition is off. You can wake the system up with your phone from outside the vehicle and it will power down after 1min of App inactivity.

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