Airlift 27672 V2 Autopilot Upgrade 3/8th inch System (NO TANK NO COMPRESSOR)

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So you already have an air ride system??.... but you want to upgrade it to no hassle digital system.........Hope your sitting down for this one!!! Introducing the ALL NEW AIRLIFT PERFORMANCE V2 PRESSURE BASED AIR RIDE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR YOUR VEHICLE! This system is designed for those who already have a tank/tanks and compressor/compressors. Just plug and play this into your existing air ride system. There are so many features and innovations you may have to take notes! Start with the controller....its tiny fits in the palm of your hand. Its rubberized to protect from rain, dropping or stepping on it. The display has 512 color variations. All four corners are independently displayed and operated as well as tank pressure. Choose from American standard PSI or European standard BAR. The controller connects merely with one wire!!! The controller has 8 different presets and .....hold on to your hats...its a learning system!!! YES, it learns your presets pressures and automatically and continuously adjusts to maintain those proper settings! No playing with switches or controls to get it "just right" Compensates for weight differences, temp differences and cornering forces autonomously! Auto Raise feature upon start is standard! no more getting in, starting the car than playing with the control to get the car to's AUTOMATIC! Several Diagnostics features are also built in so you can check run times of the compressors as well as compressor performance. Not only that but it also has AUTO ALERTS! for Leak, Low Pressure, Communication failure with the brain or even a Valve issue! NOW INCLUDED: SELF PURGING WATER TRAP STANDARD! It installs in a snap with only three wires running to the main OEM style harness. BEST OF ALL THIS PRODUCT IS MADE IN USA! 


V2 Digital Palm Size Digital Controller and wiring kit
3/8 inch line and all fittings