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2018 Civic Si Full Custom Air ride kit with management

2018 Civic Si Full Custom Air ride kit with management

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2018 Civic Si Full Custom Air ride kit with management


What's included with this kit?

  • 4 Air Tek Air Struts 
  • Seamless 3 or 4 gal tank
  • Single 444c Compressor
  • Airlines and Fittings
  • Airlift Basic Manual Switches,3S,3p or 3h option on Management

The 3S from Air Lift is a time based management that focuses on your smartphone and Air Lift's free iOS and Android app as the controller. The app allows you to set three different time based preset ride heights as well as the ability to control each corner of the vehicle individually (manual).

Three other controller versions are available: Analog Switch Box, Air Lift 3P / 3S style controller, or the AutoPilot V2 controller. Each of these controller options are sold separately and all require the use of another wiring harness. These additional controllers do not add any additional features to this system.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2018 Civic Si Full Custom Air ride kit with management
  • Manually inflate or deflate up to 4 individual air springs (no pressure sensors so no automatic control)
  • Works with pressures up to 200PSI
  • Valve control and Bluetooth integrated into the manifold
  • 1/8" NPT ports on rear of manifold to support 5 pressure sensors (FL, FR, RL, RR, Tank) for pressure monitoring
  • Four harness versions available: App Only (3 wire install), Manual Switchox (11 wire install), ALP3 Display for 3S (3 wire + USB connector), APV2 Display for 3S (3 wire + JST connector)
  • The free App supports configuring 3 time based presets which can be used to inflate or deflate multiple air springs with a double tap
  • The ALP3 display (3P / 3H controller) for 3S can be used to activate the time based presets that are configured using the App
  • Two configurable buttons on the App and the ALP3 display for 3S
  • Switchbox harness version can be used with any aftermarket switchbox such as AVS that provide 12V to the 3S manifold valve input wires when activated
  • The manifold supports wake-on-Bluetooth which allows customers to operate the system while ignition is off. You can wake the system up with your phone from outside the vehicle and it will power down after 1min of App inactivity.


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