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PRL Motorsports was founded in 2007 with an innovative approach and need for speed. Our roots are based in being fabricators, drivers and tuners date back into the 90’s & early 2000’s with various Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi platforms. Quickly, we established a strong reputation in the Nissan & Honda markets, as well as the custom fabrication market with our numerous 3D CNC pocketed & ported flanges and fabrication tools as our company grew. Though things have changed a quite bit (and for the better!) over time, we still offer a wide variety of premium, innovative components for various platforms including; intercooler systems, intake systems, turbocharger systems, exhaust components, throttle body/intake manifold adapters, and much more! Located right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PRL Motorsports is your premium performance product manufacturer. We engineer, produce, and fabricate a plethora of items in several different platforms, all here in the Keystone state. PRL Motorsport products are produced for enthusiasts, by a company of enthusiasts. Make sure to follow us on social media!
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